Updated May 2022

What is the best escape room of Athens? 

We did a tour of the athenian escape rooms in 2022. As most of the interest is concentrated in the capital, it was not necessary for us to travel across the country to discover all these wonders. This trip will probably remain as one of the most striking. Greece can be considered as being of the same quality as Spain or the Netherlands.. 

Specificities of the Athenian escape rooms: 

🏛 In Athens, no reception space, we go straight into the game and it’s better!
⏱ The length of the rooms is much longer than in France, often close to or exceeding two hours.
🌒 Do not expect to play from 10am to 10pm. The first slots are very late. A typical day was from 4pm to 2am with 3 escape room per day.
🧛‍♂️ Actors are present in almost every room and this is what makes the magic of Athens.
🎬 The essence of the Greek scene is to create an immersive show combining cinematic close to those of the video game and actor stunts. They are most of the time synchronized with sound and light by the GM, like a control of a big show.
👻 The horror theme is omnipresent with a rather high level of fear compared to France.
🙏 There are sometimes several “game modes” offered when booking. Don’t go there to play escape rooms without an actor, they would lose what makes them beautiful.
💨 The ambiances (forest or small Scottish village) are perfectly transcribed thanks to an absolute mastery of smoke and lighting.
🙋‍♂️ The friendliness of the managers is out of the ordinary. It gives rise to great meetings after the game.
🙅‍♂️ We are against physical violence and extreme humiliation of the players. The rooms of this TOP did not have this kind of content at the time of our visit to Athens. Do not hesitate to ask locals if you have any doubts. Be aware that violent physical contact also exists in games in France, Spain or Bulgaria.





We have no words to describe the masterpiece of Lockhill… Is this the 3rd generation of escape room? The space is huge and could easily contain 3 or 4 traditional escape rooms. The set and atmosphere are stunning… Count on perfectly orchestrated appearances and stunts, just like the rest of the rooms of Athens. Actors also give some amazing roleplay and excitement moments. The story of Chapels and Catacombs perfectly completes the trilogy that precedes it. It might be wise to play the first adventures before playing here.




@ Athens/Grèce

Here, we are close to an immersive adventure like the Secret Cinema or the Live Thriller. And you may know that we love it. It is more than advisable to watch the movie “Don’t breath” before playing this room. Indeed, fidelity to the feature film is close to perfection. Forget the puzzles and let yourself be carried by the action.



 No Exit

@ Athens/Grèce

Again, having seen the movie is a plus to fully savour the adventure. Here, it is the performance of the actors that is fabulous. Moments when you can only stand still and contemplate the beauty of the choreographies. A horror film, but in real life…



 Station 33

@ Athens/Grèce

That’s not the story you’re waiting for when you book the room. That’s why we’re not going to reveal any element of it. The special feature of Wake Up is that it gives moments of madness that few designers have dared before.The level of fear is quite high but creates a special link with the actors. Once accustomed to the jump-scare, the fear turns into a laugh. You have never experienced anything like this in an escape room, so breath slowly and go for it!



 Coven Escape Rooms

@ Athens/Grèce

We repeat ourselves but Woman in Black is also inspired by the eponymous film with Daniel Radcliffe. Here puzzles are harder what is rarely the case of horror experiences. The quality of the choreographed appearances is once again both remarkable and frightening.



 Disappear Escape Rooms

@ Athens/Grèce

A gigantic and magnificent reproduction of a small Scottish village. The set is superb, as often in Athens. Fog dominates and easily creates the illusion of being outside. We can criticize one or two puzzles on which we have had trouble understanding the logic. But this in no way removes the fact that you can’t miss “The Sacrifice”.




@ Athens/Grèce

3rd part of the “Lockhill” story, Sanatorium is an essential step to understand the screenplay of the brand. You will be immerse into a level of smoke never seen elsewhere. Therefore, it is difficult to know where the actors are, and when they will jump on you! Spare shoes may be helpful.



 Ban Bang Theory

@ Athens/Grèce

It is probably one of the most beautiful forest scenery we have ever seen. The owner even told us that he actually planted trees inside his room to make his own wood. Although the interactions with the actors can be repetitive, the team showed us all the future improvements that will be made to the acting. Please note that the room is not automatically offered in English. Indeed, you will have to hire a translator to play the room with you, for a small additional fee.



 Way Out Escape Rooms

@ Athens/Grèce

Pure fun. Ice Tiki really denotes in an Athenian escape room market focused on horror. Don’t expect choreography by actors or whaou effects. Here, the goal is to make you laugh and sing for more than an hour! A breath of oxygen that will be very useful to relax.



 Lockdown Escape Rooms

@ Athens/Grèce

There are some very good ideas in School of the Burning Souls. The theme is quite unique. The original set really gives the feeling of visiting a burnt school, literally. However, the scenario and its twists are expected and predictable. Puzzles lack fluidity, which breaks immersion. The final effect is supposed to mark the apotheosis of the room. However, we found it risky for the security of the players (probably forbidden in France) and not bringing any real added value to the game.




@ Athens/Grèce

We played the Sanatorium in its “Day” version, two years before. In this mode, you will have almost twice as many riddles to solve, but no actors to yell at you! Proof that actors are essential, the room loses a lot of its beauty in this game mode. Know that there is also a “Midnight” mode, in which you will have both the totality of puzzles to solve but also the presence of actors to distract you…



 Paradox Project

@ Athens/Grèce

It is always difficult to give a negative opinion on a room when the managers are as friendly as at Paradox Project… This second part entitled “The Bookstore” is the one that most players have described as the best of the company. This escape room was even ranked at the 2nd best room in the world at TERPECA’s 2020. So certainly, our expectations were really high. But we could not imagine being so unenthusiastic at the end. The game is very long (3h20, even more if they let you continue). The set has nothing extraordinary. As for the puzzles with a famous reputation, we have not yet understood what had so amazed the international community…

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