Updated in January 2024

🇧🇪What is the best escape room of Belgium ? 

✈️While we often think of the Netherlands to play escape rooms, we should not forget Belgium. This country is packed with high-quality escape rooms. Many of them have already won a TERPECA (editor’s note: the Oscar of escape room). We went 2 times in Belgium in 2021 and 2022 and focused on the most famous escape rooms

🏙️The escape rooms are spread across the country. The best of them are mostly in remote areas and rarely in large cities. Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges can be good bases and allow to combine escape room and visit of beautiful cities. But in this case, you will have to radiate around these cities to play the best escape rooms of Belgium. Thus, we strongly recommend you to rent a car. The main cities are very well connected by a rail network much more reliable and regular than the French network. But the car remains to be preferred to access the most remote rooms. 

🏚️The escape games of Belgium are characterized by sophisticated and captivating screenplays. The surface area of the escape rooms visited was often much larger than that found in France, with remarkable ceiling heights.



 De Gouden Kooi


A unique scenario ! We love these unusual room that have never been seen elsewhere. The finale provides a big adrenaline rush, with a great mix of lights, sounds, and physical special effects worthy of action movie sets. Emotions guaranteed!





“Demise of the Gricers” is undoubtedly one of the most memorable immersive experiences of our lives. We booked a very late slot, it was past midnight, and it immediately immersed us in a horror movie atmosphere. The game takes place in an immense railway site with indoor and outdoor sections. The game design is superb, restricting players in their movements, creating an absolutely inexhaustible tension. The narrative, the result of two years of thoughtful work, revolves around several strong personalities that we discover through ultra-realistic audio recordings. Therefore, “Demise of the Gricers” is not an escape room in the traditional sense of the term, but an experience that is likely one-of-a-kind.



 Escape Rush


It is for this kind of astonishing room that we travel outside of France. Tokyo Lab is an amazing escape room from every angle. The scenery of the first part is the most perfect replica of an alley of Tokyo. As for the rest of the adventure, it reserves a story line of breathtaking anticipation. Tokyo Lab is one of the jewels of Europe’s escape rooms and takes Belgium to another dimension.



 The Start

@Ranst (Antwerp)/Belgium

We didn’t know much about this escape game by reserving it. In the end, this immersive adventure is a real treasure. The intention is not to spread terror among the players, but to play hide and seek with a wandering soul. The interactions are memorable. Richard Teunen and his father Anthony Teunen (our actors on the day of the test) deliver a remarkable performance. The post-apocalyptic atmosphere immediately makes a strong impression. Icing on the cake: the scenario will give you a gorgeous twist at the end of the game. Do not hesitate to debrief with the game-masters to understand all the specificities of the story line.



 The Push Mystery Rooms

@Brugge (Bruges/Knocke)/Belgium

The Movies is a phenomenon among European escape rooms. Its creator, Anthony Boelaert, is an interior architect who felt under the spell of escape rooms. That’s how he decided to create a giant escape room in a loft that also serves as his main residence! The Movies can be likened to a best-of of cinematic pop culture. You will discover multiple universes that reveal the different passions of its creator. An escape room more than cheerful that you will have to book in advance given the few slots available.



 Escaperoom Antwerp

@Zoersel (Antwerp)/Belgium

The Hunting Season is also an escape room in an unlikely location. Lost in the countryside, on the Dutch border, you will need to be patient to find the authentic farm where the game takes place. Once there, you will be greeted by the adorable Wout Verstappen, creator of Escape Room Antwerp. After his acclaimed performance on television and musical scene, Wout also became passionate about escape rooms. His game has ingenious technology, a fascinating narrative and even a special effect that we had never met before. We are more than eager to play his new room “Toy Factory” of which we have heard exquisite things.



 Escaping Belgium

@Retie (Antwerp)/Belgium

The Prince is one of the 2 Belgian escape rooms rewarded at TERPECA 2021. This room ended with the world’s 43rd position. For sure, we quickly understood what seduced players from around the world. It is an ultra smooth and well designed puzzle room. The riddles are unique and well integrated into the set. As you probably know, we often focus on immersives experiences in our articles. This does not take away our enthusiasm for The Prince which must be included in your selection of an escape-tour in Belgium.



 Escaperoom Antwerp

@Zoersel (Antwerp)/Belgium

Toy Factory is an uneven room. Very nice ideas and a cheerful theme. The fun is there, the originality too but the second part of the game needs improvements because the rhythm eventually weakens. The frustration comes when we are stuck 20 minutes on a banal enigma of address. Our calls for help will remain unanswered and we will end the adventure frustrated by so much lost time. Even more damaging: the game-master took us out of the game when we had an entire room to explore. What a disappointment for our team.



 De Gouden Kooi


The reputation of The Secret of Saint-Rumoldus has gone far beyond Belgium’s borders. First ended 19th best escape room of the world in 2020, he remained in 46th place in 2021. Don’t get me wrong, this is a very good game that deserves its fame. However, in our opinion, its weak points could argue with such a record. Many defects in design can be noticeable in the set. That ruins a bit the immersion. Better lighting management and the incorporation of more smoke would likely have obscured the ceiling and some of the offside items. The final that promised to be epic unfortunately falls flat. Without spoiling anything, you will be faced with something huge but not convincing. It probably should have been suggested by a part of itself. In addition, this thing lack of vitality and motion so that the player can really believe it.

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