Everything you need to know about Walibi Holland’s Halloween Fright Nights

We have been to the Halloween Fright Nights in October 2023.


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Halloween Fright Nights are known to be the European event that comes closest to Universal Studios’ famous Halloween Horror Nights. You can probably imagine the excitment we had when booking our tickets. And at the end, it was way above our expectation!

The theming is superb, particularly successful in the Scare Zones. In each of the areas, an overall coherence is maintained with props, costumes, and makeup. All matching perfectly with the theme’s zone.

You will find plenty of Haunted houses showing different universe. But it’s the four “experiences” that make the Fright Nights a famous event. You will explore these haunted houses, either by yourself or in small groups. In each case you will find the experience incredible (see our ranking of the haunted houses below).

They were lots of people when we visited the park. But it did not bother us at all. In fact the park is well organized. You will find your way through the park thanks to their great website (and not their app which was clearly chaotic). Finally, you will find lots of different dining option during the event. So, you wont lost your time in waiting queue to find something to eat. A special parking area is created for the event. Expect traffic jams if you stay until the end.

On request, you will enjoy great english before your experiences.

Finally, the whole park is built around Eddie the clown, the mascot of the event. He will perform on stage and you could spend the whole day watching him and his partners.


👥 Halloween events are usually super crowded and are the second busiest period of the year after summer. Therefore, you should expect longer queues at all levels (rides, haunted houses, dining, etc.). To minimize this inconvenience, we recommend you to plan your visit as far away from October 31st. 

⏰Opening hours may vary depending on the day. So make sure to check the park’s opening hours before visiting the park. Usually, in the morning, you fill find only the attractions opened. Then, suddenly, during the day the atmosphere changes.  The scare zones become full of costumed actors, fog, creepy lights, and sounds. We recommand you to arrive early to do the attractions first and then enjoy the Halloween vibes.

🏚 How to enjoy the most the haunted house experience? Most of the time, you will be mixed with other people during your visit. It’s not a private experience like an escape room. Thus, it can be frustrating not to experience all the jump scares. The first position in a group can be considered the best. You will explore each room before others, and the actors will be tempted to jump on you as soon as you cross a door. On the other hand, some actor will be focused on the rest of the group. Anyway, we advise you to walk slowly to fully appreciate every details. Remember that it is often a very short experience.

👕 We strongly recommend wearing appropriate clothes on the day of your visit. Athletic shoes and casual clothing will help you crawling, stepping over obstacles, or running to escape monsters!

🦽Some haunted houses have access to people with reduced mobility. Don’t hesitate to ask to the park before your visit.

🎬If you want to understand the storyline of each haunted house, we recommend you to read the script in detail on the park’s official website. Most theme parks do not provide subtitles for the introduction videos. The actors who greet you often give a briefing in their original language. Feel free to request an English briefing.


🎟 Fast-Track Passes: 

The RIP-Pass is a fast-track pass that allows you to access each of the 4 standard haunted houses (see below) without waiting in line. You don’t need to book a specific time slot, and you can go to the dedicated entrance whenever you like.

👉Should you get it?
It depends on the number of experiences you want to do. If you only plan to do 3 or 4 haunted houses, it may not be worth it. If, like us, you want to try out all the experiences, it’s definitely essential.

The RIP-Pass allowed us to save a lot of time and go through all the haunted houses. Therefore, we had planned empty spaces in our day to do the 4 haunted houses without a booking.

Finally, when you get a RIP-Pass, you will enter the houses by a special entrance and enjoy a special briefing. You will love the way the actors punch your RIP Pass!

👉How to use it?
Remember to book your RIP-Pass in advance and pick it up at the reception desk. To use it, find the dedicated RIP-Pass line in front of the haunted house, and not the regular line.

👉Other Fast-Track Passes:
Do not confuse the RIP-PASS , the FAST-LANE and the 
HAUNTED PACKAGE. The FAST-LANE allows you to skip the lines for rides (coasters, flat-rides…). The HAUNTED PACKAGE,  is a package including the 4 standard haunted houses but with a mandatory reservation and a regular queue.

🏚How many haunted houses can I do in one day?

👉We managed to visit all 10 haunted houses (standard haunted houses, walkthroughs, and experiences) in a single day at Walibi Holland. We absolutely do not regret it, as the haunted houses were so diverse. However, be aware that it’s really exhausting. It requires lots of organization and money. In 2023, we spent 181 euros per person in a day, which included the park entrance ticket, the RIP-PASS (for 4 standard haunted houses), 4 experiences, and 2 walkthroughs.

👉Before booking your haunted houses, you must wait for the release of the Halloween Fright Nights official map. The park isn’t huge, but you’ll prefer to optimize your schedule by booking two haunted houses back-to-back in the same area of the park .

⏰️Theme Park opening hours and Halloween season hours

👉On the day of our visit, the park opened at 10 am and closed at 11 pm. We recommend to arrive at the parking lot around 9:30 am. From 10 am to 3 pm, enjoy all the rides that you cant miss (we managed to do Untamed, Goliath, Lost Gravity, XPress, and Merlin’s Magic Castle).

👉Then, schedule your reservations for the haunted houses from 3 pm to 11 pm. Don’t forget to explore the Scare Zones starting from 6 pm.

🏚 A haunted house (or maze) is a horrifying walkthrough experience with actors. Most of the time, it is a walking tour with a small group.

Specific Lexicon for Walibi Holland:

At Walibi Holland, haunted houses are subdivided into several categories:

Standard Haunted Houses (Haunted Houses).

Walkthroughs: These are outdoor guided paths with theming and actors.

Experiences: It is like a private haunted house tour, which may explain their higher price. Unlike other mazes, you visit the haunted house exclusively with the people in your group (Below, Urban Explhorror) or alone (The Clinic, Slaughterhouse). It is pleasant because you dont have the feeling to be in a queue as in the standard haunted houses. This makes Walibi Holland a must-see in Europe.



This is perhaps the most immersive experience we have ever tested. No escape room, no immersive theater, no attraction has given us such a feeling of being right in the heart of the story. In The Clinic, you will experience your own death. We won’t reveal any more about the storyline so as not to spoil the surprise. But know this, there is no physical violence, no torture, and no humiliation in this experience. It’s yet another demonstration that it’s not necessary to create a quality horror experience. From start to finish, we were breathless, our eyes dazzled by the actions we were experiencing. Being alone inside the haunted houses increases the immersive feeling. No friends to reassure you and tell you that it’s just a game. You will explore the entire experience, strapped to a stretcher. This creates a completely unique perspective because you will only see what happens above your head. 



In Below, you are investigating sewers looking for a parasitic infestation. We had already done escape games set in sewers before. But never at this level of realism… The underground maze is massive. They will give you the adequate clothes to walk into water. And you will definitely need it! In fact the amount of water is insane and sometimes make your movements quite hard! You will be amazed by the actors, surprising you all the time. And all of this in a massive underground network. And if you appreciate great special effects, you won’t be disappointed either.  The appearances of the actors are masterful, taking you by surprise, and using the setting perfectly. We had so much fun we would have like it to last twice longer!



In this experience, you will visit a slaughterhouse run by animals out for revenge. Like fresh meat, you will be suspended on a hook and guided along rails by angry pigs. Here again, immersion is unbelievable. You’ll experience every stage of meat preparation as you’re carried from one actor to the next. We loved the originality of this experience, which uses a theme that has been seen over and over again in haunted houses. We only regret the beginning of the experience, before being put on the hook. This is only based on humiliating the visitor, and doesn’t add much to the overall experience.



Wicked Woods is an outdoor horror experience. It seems essential to visit it after nightfall, to fully enjoy it. If you play it during the day, you’ll miss the smoke effects and lighting tricks. However, this path is magnificent. The scenes are all more surprising than the others. Hiding places that conceal the actors are completely unusual.



Urban Explhorror is a 2023 new experience. Before the game, you will receive flashlights. These are programmed to react at specific moments. Even though we had seen this effect elsewhere, it greatly increases the paranormal feeling. The masks of the actors in the forest section are particularly well done. This part is probably the most successful. We were even surprised to encounter creatures inspired by video game characters. Before entering the maze, we understood that there were several possible paths to explore. But it is in fact a linear adventure. What Walibi Holland means by “finding your way” is that it can be difficult to move forward in darkness.



For us, it is the best of the 4 classic haunted houses. The costumes are quite unique. The sets are very authentic with beautiful outdoor and indoor scenes. The highlight of the show is a stunt performed at the end of the path.



The Villa is one of the Fright Nights classics. According to our sources, this haunted house opened in 2010. The haunted house has aged very well. It has benefited from a lot of improvements over the years. It’s a best-of of 80s horror cinema: The Exorcist, Freddy, Hellraiser… The apparitions reproduce iconic scenes from these films. You won’t want to miss it if you’re a horror movie fan!




Psychoshock is a visit of an asylum. Patients have taken control over nurses and attendants. The scenery is sometimes more carceral than asyllic. It’s a classic ride, in line with what you’d expect from this type of universe. But still well executed, as Walibi Holland knows how to do.



Camp of Curiosities is also a outdoor walkthrough. It’s based on a Freak Show. You are shown all types of curiosities. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at this dark show. A well-crafted show, even if it falls short of the park’s best experiences.




We were very curious about the mix of “Halloween” and “Christmas” themes. Unfortunately, the excitement quickly died down. The settings appear to have not been  finished in time. In one room, they have only colored Christmas trees with spray paint. You will enjoy meeting one of the malefic characters of Christmas. But nothing more. The magic of Christmas or Halloween doesn’t work. All in all, this hauted house ranks well below the rest.


What is a Scare Zone?

A Scare Zone is a designated area that changes when the Halloween mode is activated. You’ll find actors dressed up and decorations related to a specific theme. Don’t hesitate to interact as much as possible with the actors. The more scared you are, the more they will come after you!



Undoubtedly, the most beautiful area of the park. The decorations are sublime and take benefit of the wooded spaces around. The costumes and makeup of the actors are also stunning. Their bodies merge with the surrounding nature in a remarkable fusion.



We love this area for the diversity of costumes. The master of the place seems to be this huge demon who roams the area and gives orders to the other actors. An area that is as enjoyable during the day as it is at night.



An original theme that allows for different interpretations of what we call a nightmare. Pinocchio is undoubtedly the one that captures all the attention.



At night, the scenery is sublime with shipwrecks on which the actors dance. Unfortunately, the zone is not using its full potential. The routine of the actors are very repetitive. You don’t want to stay in the Scare Zone for long.


We regretted not finding more thematic food. We only tried a spooky burger that was only spooky thing was the name.

Keep in mind that the park offers a special Halloween dinner experience that we couldn’t try. The Dinner Experience takes place at the Camp of Curiosities. This 75-minute experience invites you to enjoy a meal in one of the camp’s trailers. And you can imagine that you will be disturbed throughout the feast.






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